#01 Basic ideas of Japanese Social Insurance systems (日本の社会保険制度概要 日本語併記)

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#01 Basic ideas of Japanese Social Insurance systems 日本の社会保険制度概要

To understand social insurance systems are very important,because it helps you and your family a lot.
However social insurance systems are little bit complicated so I’d like to tell you them step by step.
What is a social insurance?
Social insurance is a scheme to support and help each other as whole society.
we have a risks in our life such as sickness,injury ,disability, death and aging.
So social insurance systems covers us economically from those  risks.
Enrolling the social anxiety system is regal requirement.
Everyone who lives in japan over 20 years old must be enrolled in social insurance systems.
Everyone means everyone no matter what your nationality is.
This is called kaihoken seido in Japanese means we cover other people and also we are covered by other people.
This concept is very important to sustain the systems.
I’d like to focus on two basics of  social insurance system today.
One is health care insurance and another one is pension insurance.
There are three more insurance in japan such as employment insurance industry accident insurance and nursing insurance.However i’d like to talk you about them in the future videos.
This slide shows you the benefits of healthcare insurance.
Healthcare insurance covers some part of your medical expenses.
You have a copay amount and copay percentage are different depending on your age group.
Also you have a ceiling for out-of-pocket expenses per month.
This slide shows you the benefits of pension insurance systems.
When it comes to pension insurance you may think it’s only for the older people however in Japanese pension system there are two more cases you are covered by pension systems.
For example if you die your family may receive Death pension.
If you become disabled you may receive disability pension .
If you become age of 65 you will receive old age pension.
In order to receive old age pension, you need to be enrolled in pension system at least 10 years.
If you leave Japan before that you should have a chance to get the lump sum withdrawal payment.
So far I have been talking about we are all covered by social insurance systems, the coverage are different depending on your social insurance categories.
There are three insurance categories in Japan.
Number one, number two and number three.
Let me start with number two.
People in category number two are employees.
People in category number three are dependent spouses of employee, category number two people.
People in number one are people who don’t work for the company.
For example, if you are  shop owners or  freelancer  you belong to category number one.
Even you’re a student, you belong to category number one.
This is very important to know because if you are an employee and  that mean you are enrolled in employees’s social insurance system,
Employees’ social insurance  system has more benefits compared to non-employee social insurance system.
However here is a tricky point. Even though you work for the company you may not belong to category number two.
For example, if you if you work for the company as a part-timer or your company it’s too small to provide you an employees’ social insurance system you may belong to category number one.
So it’s very important to be aware of which category you are in.
Also you’d better to understand what you were covered and how much you are covered because social insurance benefits are not provided automatically. You have to claim it by yourself.
So it’s very sad if you miss the benefits just because you don’t know the systems.
I’d like to talk about more insurance systems in next videos.
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