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Hello, I’m Nobue Yamanaka, a certified financial planner. (CFP®) I became an independent financial planner in 2002 and have been involved in various projects ranging from asset management to the establishment of defined contribution pension schemes (401 k) and  I work as the President & Representative Director of “Asset Advantage Co. Ltd.” which provides individuals with financial consultation and provides consultations for corporations.

While studying at university in the US, I learned that financial planning services for individuals were common and I wanted to bring these same services to Japan. Japanese financial institutions still do not provide comprehensive services in English, thus making it difficult for non-Japanese to understand the Japanese financial system and the services they offer. Therefore, I would like to provide consulting services on financial planning for those non-Japanese living in Japan and help them live a better life.

I also provide corporate seminars for non-Japanese workers. I can explain that Japanese government pension system and company defined contribution pension system as well.

Fiscal knowledge is very useful when we are making a life plan, but this knowledge is meaningless when there is no way or means to implement it in your daily life. As such I would like to play the role of a translator that transforms the financial and economic information available in Japan in to a form that you can make practical use of.

I can provide asset planning based around comprehensive systems such as savings, insurance, investment, and tax according to your desired life plan. My consulting room is located in the Ginza area within 5 minutes’ walk of Yurakucho station. And of course English consultation is available. Feel free to contact us at info@asset-advantage.com

If you are looking for some information about Japanese social securities, tax systems, investment and so on, in English, I provide the youtube channel for you.

Y’s Tips Channel

Nobue YamanakaFinance Professional


nobue yamanaka

A “defined contribution pension” specialist for tax-saving & pension saving. A totally field-oriented pioneer for pension-saving for both individual and company clients. Online consultation service for defined contribution pension www.nobueyamanaka.com/ Graduated from Business Division, Ohio State University, OSU, USA (1993) Advisor committee member for general incorporated associations’ public insurance



Ginza Fugetsudo Bldg. 5F 6-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo



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